Your perfect kitchen

Is it rustic?
Is it modern?
Is it part of an open floor plan?

For me, big is important. I want lots of space to store things and move around.

Mine is a mixed of those, but more on the modern side and has an open floor plan, with a big island table for preps and used as breakfast nook as well.

A good sized range and room for a deep freezer are top of the list.

Other than that - I like something as durable as the Barndo.

Definitely open, and big! I want space for everything. I would also love to have a pantry and baking center.

As for design I think I lean more toward modern farmhouse.

We are building our barndo now and the top of my list was a 36in range, (really wanted a 48 :joy:) and a window over the sink!


Ha. A 48 inch range would be bliss.

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My ideal kitchen, like the rest of you is big, but I don’t want it to be the first thing someone sees when walking into my home. I’ve been cooking over 40 years and am a messy cook. I love to create wonderful dishes to serve to my family but don’t want everyone seeing my mess. I’d love a 36” gas cooktop, a double oven and a sink looking out over my backyard.


Yes! I also don’t want it to be the first thing you see when you walk in.

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I never really thought about it but now you’re making me want to hide the kitchen sink a little.

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I just saw a barndominium with a greenhouse that was right off the kitchen, the same as how some homes might have a sunroom added on.

All they have to do is take a few steps for their salad ingredients.

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This is such a great idea! What a dream!

It would have to be on a side of the house that got enough sunlight, but I would absolutely love to have a greenhouse that convenient. I bet they can smell tomatoes growing while sitting in the kitchen.

Apparently, having one attached can also help to cut down on heating in the winter. (this article has some interesting tidbits Should I Attach a Greenhouse to my Home? – New Society Publishers). Although it makes me wonder what would happen during a hot Texas summer.

I might have to settle for just having a greenhouse I can see from the kitchen window.

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If anyone is interested I compiled my kitchen wants into an app called mood board which has been helpful when talking to contractors and getting prices so they can see exactly the look I am wanting!


I could have used that mood board earlier on!
I love that lighting. It goes so perfectly with the rest.

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I just need a mood board for the shop.


That really did all come together!