Would you do a barn conversion using an existing barn?

What are your thoughts? Is it worth it to possibly save on some of the costs of building a brand new Barndo? Or would the cost of getting and converting an older barn take away from those savings?

It would definitely depend on what kind of structural condition to barn is in. If you’re able to find one that’s in good shape, you could definitely build it out and make it work and it would be a lot easier.

Codes… if your barndo is subject to 2012, 2015, 2018, 2021 IRC / building codes, you’ll probably have to start fresh!

If not subject to meeting any codes, an existing structure might save a lot of money.

Codes, the killers of dreams. :woozy_face:

This is sooo right…I think it’s easier to start from scratch and probably cheaper in the long run

It would be a great project if you really had the time to invest and the patience to deal with an extra level of permits. I would love to restore an old barn and make it into a home.

The practical side of me, however, says no…I should probably be more concerned with investing that time into building something that will last as long as possible rather than trying to revive something that has already seen its best years.

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I’ve been reading the blog posts on the site here and came across this. I thought it might be helpful.

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I was searching for that article and couldn’t get it to come up. Thank you!

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Don’t know yet. Need to find site and check codes.

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Yeah. It’s difficult to completely get around building codes.

I love the idea of converting an old barn. The paperwork involved though - that can get bad. It’s sad that they add so many layers of trouble to revitalizing an old building and giving it a purpose again.