Would you DIY the whole thing?

I was reading this article and it got me thinking.
What extent would you go to if you wanted to cut the budget as much as possible?

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Three legs to every project… cost, quality, and schedule…

I’m confident I can build a lot of the barndo by myself with some additional labor along the way. But we decided to pay a little more and hire a GC for “quality” (meet 2018 IRC codes) and schedule reasons (desire to move in sooner).

If you are not a professional builder, researching and interpreting the codes can be daunting. Even those that support building trades may not be fully immersed. Case in point: local lumber company would have only spec’d 4 windows with tempered glass …when 10 windows actually require tempered glass to meet code. The cost and delay for this little error could have been a significant setback.

If you do not have to contend with codes, congratulations… but be prepared as big brother is growing.

While some are a pain, many of the code provisions are good and are appreciated or desired by most homeowners (and future buyers). So, even if not required by code, owner-builders should still review the codes and choose which ones to follow (or ignore).


Yeah. I have to agree with a lot of that.
I would at least want a professional there to advise and inspect. Some things shouldn’t be left to chance.

There are some parts I want to do myself, mostly in the interior, but I think we’ll leave the heavy lifting - and anything that can collapse - to the experts. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


My husband and I are pretty handy and can build a lot of things….when deciding barndo we wished we could have been more hands on but working full time, building ourself was a little out of reach, as much as we would have liked to, the building and finishing is a little out of reach since we are on a timed schedule. It’s awesome for anyone who can and amazingly cheaper to do the labor yourself!

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I was doing my usual YouTube search when this popped up on ways to cut the budget.
This is actually a really great channel. Just steer clear of their April 1st videos.

I thought everyone might enjoy a laugh.
Hope you’re having a great Sunday so far!


I would love to as we did the house we live in now, But I don’t believe I could physically do it

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It’s a big job! There’s no denying that.

I definitely want to have a hand in the building, but not so much that I’m sitting under a structure wondering if it’s going to collapse because I’m the one who put it together :rofl:

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