What is your biggest priority?

For me, I want a shop that is big enough for everything I want to build.
My wife wants a kitchen that is big enough for the whole family plus some.

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Priority… hmmm…
High ground, 360 degree visibility, natural terrain deterrents, and easily defendable.

But really… just a strong, weather-resistant home and space to grow and raise our own future meals.

(I just read there are ~28,000 reasons why this would be a palatable priority.)

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High ground is great for avoiding flooding in addition to invading armies. That’s a good top of the list choice.

I would say location. It’s somewhere I plan on being for a very long time.

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Absolutely. Location is so important.

John your right, big shop, fiancee wants a big kitchen for me cooking and her baking and big living room for the 3 dogs to relax to watch the dog shows. 5k solor panels to live off grid. My house is 4o feet up off the street and got a nice quiet area. With a viewing of 20 miles all around except for the woods of 5 acres that I own that blocks east side of property. Well Tuesday will be meeting with artitech to start the prints to hand of to amish builders that I meet with couple of months back and he is interested in doing the project this year and could possibly move in December.