The best advice out there

There are some diamonds out there among the rocks.

I found this advice in a Facebook group last year. I just came across it again and it’s still good advice:

“I just wanted to give you guys some info. Dont go out and buy a metal (kit) if you can help it you need a building guy ie someone who can erect the building. Then you go to the supply house and buy the materials you need. All your steal and tin should be running less than 8$ a sq ft. This is for a cut and weld. Bolt ups are twice that much.”

Interesting. There is still the cost for each cut, etc. And you would need a really detailed plan drawn up first, but yeah, that’s one way to majorly cut costs in some cases.

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Yeah. The more you DIY or self-manage, the more it can save if done right.

…and the costs will soar if it’s done wrong.

Not sure $8/ft is still valid, but a friend pointed out the obvious…

‘You need a septic system, water supply, and electricity on a pole… then, maybe, a concrete pad to park the RV on… and you are done! Way less expensive than building a barndo (or shouse) and you can still build a shop if you want.’

An RV might be a little too on the cost-savings side :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I do worry about how things can go wrong. I’m sure there are a million ways - and everything is more expensive the third time you have to fix it.

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Only in my dreams could $8 a sqft ever be valid.

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I have a quote from Oakland Steel Buildings back in August 2019 for a red steel building …45x90 with 12’ walls, 2 walk doors, wrapped in 26ga steel, 115mph wind load… materials only was $24,198.

That is (er… was) only $6 / sq ft.

…add $30k for the bare minimum pad (65 yds of 3500psi), and $100k to finish 2000sq ft living area… that was our initial plan.

After the recent tornadoes, glad we opted for the 170mph wind load.


That isn’t a bad price at all.
Staying safe in any weather is always a bonus worth having too.