Softer/warmer bathroom floors

We’re not going with radiant floor heating, and I’m getting requests for a bathroom floor that doesn’t end up being a shock when walking in there with bare feet (a reasonable request).

I’m thinking of a combination of laminate to look like wood or vinyl plank (EVP) with foam backing to help keep the temperature even and make things a little more giving by creating a cushion. That would be placed on top of concrete.


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Foam seems to make a difference from what I have experienced. It reduces the impact to a point that you really do notice it.


EVP comes with some really nice looks as far as I can tell. I wonder how it feels underfoot though.


That does look nice.

This type of flooring is very popular and feels great


That’s what I was thinking. I’ve seen it in a few houses recently.

Does it feel like vinyl flooring?

I wouldn’t mind if it feels a little like vinyl underfoot, as long as it looks realistically like wood.

We have had vinyl planks before and they do look like real wood! I honestly did not care for it and I have fallen in love with our sealed concrete floors bathroom included! :joy: we do have the radiant heat floor so that doesn’t help your situation I would just make sure it’s not too textured because cleaning textures vinyl is NO FUN! They have so many options now in vinyl some are gorgeous so I know you will find something perfect for your needs!


Noted on making sure it’s not too textured! I can imagine that wood grain is a pain to clean even when it’s vinyl.