Looking for property

Looking to find land where a barndominium would be ideal in Eastern TN, SE NC or NE south Carolina. Want to build a Barndo but also looking for advice on where to look for potential property. Any direction is appreciated!
I know it is strange we already know we want a Barndo but we don’t know where at exactly :slight_smile:

The best advice is always to get something near utilities to avoid huge costs to get them out to the property.

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And make sure it can actually be built on!

Here’s a quick summary of most of the pitfalls: How to Ensure Land Is Buildable Prior to Purchasing - Land Century


What would your dream land look like?

Hi! I saw you said you have a barndo in Arizona! Where in Arizona are you? I am in Mesa and am looking for land zoned for one. Would love to know more about your barndo and who you used as a builder.

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Welcome to the barndo community!

Hi! It’s great to have you here! We’re a little south of Tucson. My husband has insisted on acting as our GC, which might be why everything is taking twice as long :laughing: (don’t ever tell him I said that).

That’s awesome! What exactly did you look for in regards for zoning when you purchased your lot to build on? We are currently looking! Thank you!


We’re rural and residential, so have avoided any pitfalls that might come from a metal structure home (fingers crossed, it’s been smooth sailing on that so far). We were leary about trying to build a barndominium in an area that was purely residential.