Is everything on backorder?

Okay, not really everything, but there are doors that we’ve been waiting on for a couple of months, and now some of the appliances seem to be heading in that same direction when it comes to when they’ll actually be delivered.

Is anyone else dealing with this?

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When we started building in May we had heard of all these issues so we pre-bought just about everything that we had heard might be an issue and hold up. Tub and shower kits, appliances, doors and windows…… we thought we were ahead of the game but we just got news last week that our HVAC guy is having issues getting parts he needs to put in our system. :woman_facepalming:t3:

I’ve switched out a few things because of it.
I have nightmares about parts being short on something that can’t be easily switched out. I hope that HVAC system comes together soon enough to get some use out of it.


Yeah, it’s got me worried. But what else can we do other than keep moving forward.