Insulation Choices

I’m thinking about different insulation choices…I know most use closed cell foam, but after looking into it over the weekend, I see there are some other choices, but I’m not sure how well they would go in a barndo.

I’m looking specifically at:
UltraTouch™ Denim Insulation

I like these other options because they are mostly non toxic without chemicals. I really like the hempwool the best. We can install ourselves, so that would save on labor but would probably break even in the end maybe with the added cost that of the non-toxic products.

What kinds of insulation have you used or considering?

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I’m going with standard foam insulation but those all look like interesting ideas, especially if you want to go as nontoxic as possible in your build. I’d check the specs to see what climate each of those works best for and choose the one that will serve you best.


We aren’t doing anything too special but the climate is almost reasonable where we are. Denim insulation is an interesting idea. It should definitely be durable!