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Hello, I hope this is okay to post. We are looking for a foundation contractor in Southeast Missouri. We just had a very hard lesson…and got ripped off. The guy we hired did a tiny bit of work then took off. Our bad for giving him too much up front money but now we are in need of a foundation. We have our barn and windows ordered and no foundation. I really hope someone here can give us a referral. It’s a super easy job and would only take a week to do.

I’m so sorry that happened to you. This is exactly why I worry about paying too much upfront, which can be hard when there’s a limited number of contractors to choose from.

Next time only cover costs upfront and pay the suppliers directly if it comes down to it. It’s terrible that there are people out there who can’t follow through with what they promise.

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Sorry to hear. Did you get 2 or 3 quotes for the foundation work… and then see if company b or c can help out now?

Middle TN is buried in work right now. Even concrete truck drivers are routinely billing 20+ hours of overtime each week.

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yes and when you live out of state. :cry:

That’s what we are trying to do. but everyone is swamped. :frowning:

we are doing everything else ourselves. its just the foundation we can’t do.

I hope it doesn’t get delayed too long. It must be so frustrating.
I know that weather can affect a lot when it comes to concrete. On the upside, it’s usually summer heat that causes it to crack after being poured, so at least you have that on your side.

It is very frustrating. :sob: but we are hanging in there.

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Stay strong! Have you managed to find anyone yet?

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I suppose pouring your own isn’t an option?
For smaller jobs, I’d recommend it. But for a foundation… You would probably want to have at least done a few smaller jobs first.

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We are going to form it and get it ready to pour. My husband has done this many times. He just can’t finish it. But I think we found someone to do that. I pray!


I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!

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I hope they come through for you. You deserve a fairly pain-free process from here on out.

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