Florida Offgrid residential small Build?

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Anybody heard of a Barndominium Build on small Florida residential lots? or do most have to on open agricultural land with little zoning restrictions?

I own a 1/4 acre lot in Sebring that has no houses for like a 1/2 mile. City Power is that far too, but not interested in running city power.

I asked the building department some basic questions about adapting a metal building and seems wind rating is not the issue, but rather energy and structural of the sheathing. In Florida you don’t need to have electrical in the building, but it does need plumbing. I’ve heard of people converting durospan arch buildings with the help of an engineer. I have this evolving idea of buying a single slop building frame as my shell.

Would like to build something like this 800sq living (40x20) + carport. 14’ a the peak. Open concept. No interior walls or doors. Island kitchen. One bathroom. No drywall. Lots of glass. 4" insulated metal roof panels.

Anybody heard of such a build?

I would check with a local builder and ask about steel frame homes. I know most go with agriculture to be safe.

Have you seen the floorplans on the site here? Barndominium Floor Plans

Are you dealing with an HOA? That’s where the major issues have come up. Otherwise, you’re just building a steel frame home that usually only has to comply with the same requirements as any other residential build. Also, a lot of barndos look just like any other residential home. It really depends on the style you go for. That’s a nice one in the picture.

Hi. No HOA. Just Florida Building Codes… Yeah I think I just need a Florida engineer to build around metal building plans. Suspect some of the framing in these buildings does not offer enough framing to meet codes. For example I think Florida Building codes require cross bracing and some kind of sheathing to meet wind, structural and energy ratings. Not sure…

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Metal buildings tend to have a higher wind resistance than stick frame ones, so that might be one less issue to deal with.
I’ve heard good things about this guy but I can’t remember what part of Florida he is in.