Finding a contractor/builder?

We closed on a piece of property near Coos Bay, Oregon not long ago. I had no idea it would be so hard to find a builder/contractor that would work with us. It seems they’re all busy and not really interested in returning emails.

Just wondering what people here did to find a contractor to work with?


We had the exact same problem! Literally most contractors were booked at least a year out. We reached out to barn, metal and post frame companies and asked if they had anyone. We also reached out to lumber and hardware stores that had names of customers they might recommend. It was a long search but we finally found 2 contractors that would do what we needed. It’s a task for sure, we got extremely frustrated. It was hard for me to understand why no one wanted me to pay them :joy: Good luck! I hope you find someone soon!

We only have a couple listings in OR, if you find more please let us know - Barndominium Builders Archives - Barndominium Life

Unfortunately it just seems that barndominiums aren’t as popular in the Pacific Northwest as they are in other parts of the country. HOping that changes!


Are they saying no because they’re busy or no because it’s a barnominium?

If it’s because it’s a Barndo, have you tried breaking the job up among a couple of contractors (shell to contractors familiar with pole barns and the internal to a more traditional home builder)? They’re more likely to take on the part of the job they’re accustomed to.

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It’s not that they’re saying “no” so much, just that it takes forever to hear back. I’ll ask a question and 7 days later get a response. They’re busy, and not really interested in lining up the next job. I have found a few that are familiar with barndos, but if they don’t get back to me that doesn’t help 8(

Breaking up the job would be tough as I’ll be financing the construction. The banks want one person to oversee everything. (Not have me work as the GC.)

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That’s exactly what we did. One for the structure, and one for the finishing.

We are also financing and our bank let us have 2 contractors. We got a detailed bid sheet from each one to take to the bank. Barndos are slowly becoming more popular in our area and that may not be the case for you. What also helped us is going through a local bank and not a big commercial bank. They knew us and given all the information we got from each contractor breaking down the cost, we got approved.

Thanks, I may try to go that route.

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It might just be because it’s summer and there are a lot of constructions projects happening at this time of year. I wouldn’t give up hope quite yet.

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There’s also been a whole lot of “hurry up and wait” thanks to issues with material availability.

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Have you had any luck yet?

A little bit. A contractor did get back to me. He said it would be a few weeks before he could look at the property, but did say he thought he had availability for my time frame, around Oct/Nov if I were to try to use him for the project.
He’s been recommended by 2 different people, so fingers crossed.

It took a long time to find the land, I just have to be more patient. :grinning:

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That’s fantastic news, Eric!
I’m hoping it works out for you. A contractor who comes recommended can be worth their weight in gold.

That is definitely a step in the right direction. I had a feeling they might just be really busy at this time of year.

Are you still going to try to contact more or just wait for this one to have a look at the property?

I will probably keep looking, although I’m hoping this one works out, as I know he’s done steel buildings. I have probably 20 emails out, but few responses. If progress isn’t made now, I may have better luck in the Fall when people aren’t so busy.

I am also going to meet with Adair homes next week to see what they offer as far as custom builds. They do not do Barndos, so they are not my first choice, but I figure it can’t hurt to learn all I can at this stage.

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I wonder if Adair would be useful for the interior part of a barndo, if they are willing to go that route. They look like they could be helpful with the floorplan and fixtures.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!

have you asked the owner of where you bought your barndominium from? Mine said he knows a few putting up his right now and will forward them to me when I am ready.


That’s a good idea. A little networking can be really helpful when it comes to finding the builders who don’t actively advertise.

There are a lot of resources out there if you ask the right people. I’ve been amazed at what I could find just speaking with people around town and at the hardware store.

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