Are there special builders for Barndominiums?

Can any builder build these type of homes, or are there specialist for this kind of project?


I believe there are construction firms that specializes in barndominiums. They supply the materials and build it as well.

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I would contact some of your local builders and ask how they feel about building one, if they have experience, etc.

It can’t hurt to reach out to them.

Definitely recommended to find a builder that at least has some experience with building metal pole barns. They’ll be able to guide you from there.


Abel James is absolutely right.

If you can’t find someone who specializes in Barndos, then a builder with pole barn experience will be able to help.

And someone with pole barn experience will probably be cheaper and faster!


As long as they have the experience and know what they’re doing, there are some crews that can get a pole barn up and ready to use faster than you can blink.

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We ended up going with 2 contractors.
For the structure we contacted a local metal company who had a builder who did the exterior framing, roofing, concrete, interior framing and will install our windows and exterior doors. We also have a finishing contractor that will take over after interior framing is done until complete.


Sounds like you’ve got the right crew for every part of the job, Ourheirloomlife.

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That’s really a nice way to do the project, Ourheirloomlife. Like GoingBarndo said, you have the right crew for every job. Would also be nice to find a contractor who does everything, from structural works up to the finishing.


That was what we were hoping but barndos are just now catching on here! What is really cool is the contractor we have for the structure part has actually hired our finishing contractor so they will be able to offer exactly that! So it’s really worked out for everyone!

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We have to use two crews as well.

My preferred GC has a great reputation and uses a simple cost plus 15% fee schedule. He has constructed pole barns and stick homes for 30+ years, but had no experience erecting metal buildings. He respectfully declined building a barndo. I was disappointed but not deterred.

From a list of 20 GC’s that purportedly built barndos in my area, 15 did not have a valid GC license nor insurance per state records (easy to lookup on the state website). 2 did not return my messages. 2 said the build was too far away (over an hour’s drive) and one said it was too far away but he was willing to erect the metal building …if I had the foundation ready and building materials onsite. I do not want to act as a owner / builder / GC and build it myself, but it did get me thinking.

I called a few commercial builders back that had extensive metal building experience, but previously said they would NOT build a barndo / residence. I asked if they would be willing to just erect the metal shell… to be a sub contractor to my preferred GC (dropped his name here) and a few were willing.

…the GC will get the foundation ready, an experienced commercial builder will erect the frame, doors, windows, and siding, and the GC would come back to finish the interior and obtain the certificate of occupancy.


That’s exactly what happened to us. We had a GC that we used the last 2 new constructions but he had no experience with barndos and respectfully declined as well. It has worked out well for us so far. We have been lucky to have 2 amazing new contractors that have really put in the work and have done a great job so far. We are pleased and hope the remainder of the build runs smoothly.

Texas Best Construction in the DFW metroplex specializes in barndos and will do a “turn-key” job, from scratch, from leveling the site, to plumbing and septic, electrical, drywall, and finishing work.


That’s one to definitely add to the list. Have you used them?

No, sir, I haven’t, because we have to buy land before we can build. But I’ve watched a ton of their videos on YouTube, and they’ve built some very impressive barndos, including in Hill County, which is to our east, and Hamilton County, which is to our west. We live in between in Bosque County, NW of Waco. We are within their circle of territory presented on their website. They seem to be honest Christian people, and we will surely be talking to them when we can move forward.


I had to check out their YouTube after you mentioned it. If I found the right one, yep. I think they could build just about anything barndo.

The 10000 SQFT barndo blew my mind.

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That’s not a barndominium. That’s a barndomansion. :upside_down_face:


Thanks for the link! I hadn’t seen that one yet! Can you say m-o-n-e-y? :flushed: I think ours will be a tad smaller. :grinning:


You certainly got THAT right! :slightly_smiling_face: