Any tips for finding a good piece of land?

I’m looking to build a barndominium and was wondering if anyone has any tips for finding the right piece of land to build on. How did you find yours?

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Buying direct will usually cut down on the price tag. Don’t cut corners such as property surveys though. Do your due diligence.

I lucked out and bought from neighbors I’ve known a long time and I knew the property too.

For me, I needed flat mostly farmable land. I’ll be using the acreage for more than the Barndo.

It still needs some work and clearing out. I have a Kubota tractor to help with that. To be honest I’m looking forward to that part.


We spent a lot of time driving around, researching towns, and really trying to get a feel for the areas that we were considering.


We’re looking around now. Be sure to get the property perced before buying… it’s of no use if it can’t handle the size building you want to build on it! Keep in mind electric, water, sewer, septic placements. If you’re in the middle of a 20 acre parcel it may be cost prohibitive to run utilities… so siting may have to change!


It’s so true that the land really needs to be checked to make sure it is suitable and that a barndominium would be feasible there.

There are utilities to think about but there’s also some land that simply isn’t great to build on.

Yes to all of the above! Get a percolation test done (we went to the environmental dept in our counties health dept for this) they check your soil to be sure it is buildable. Do this before purchase of the land! We are a ways from the road, which seems to be common in barndo builds. But just like with everything else, conduit to run electric lines, not to mention the labor in digging those trenches tacked on quite a bit more than we anticipated so that’s definitely something to consider. As far as finding land, we worked with a local real estate agent that found land for our previous build before it went on the market which was nice. Buying directly would be more cost effective. If you found a piece of land you like, you could possibly go to the county courthouse to find who owns it and reach out to them to find their interest in selling. We are in a rural community so word of mouth that you are looking for land might be an option if your area is small.

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We found our property by driving around the areas we were interested in. Walking the property is important. I’ve spent a lot of time working the land to get it suitable for living there. If you have to hire that out, you’re looking at $20k plus. I enjoy my tractor time, but it’s not for everyone. We would have never known about our property if we relied on real estate sites, and advertisements. We found it while driving, and went through months of calling people before we found someone who could help us close the deal.


Have you had any luck yet? It’s been an interesting time to buy and sell.